Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parliament of Owls

You know, I've never been a HUGE owl fan.  I've liked them, but it was never like I was gaga for owls.  (Like Heather.)  But having done the last owl collage and after looking around on google images, there are so many different cool-looking owls, I simply could not stop at one.

And since the theme behind my bird collage is "collectives" I had to do a Parliament of Owls.

This is a small piece.  Only 7" X 5".  Most of the paper is prepared watercolor paper.  I tried using a flat black in the background, but it didn't work at all.  I had already painted some wood texture for the barn beams, so I just took the leftovers and darkened them up.  I like seeing the grain of the wood - that works for me.

As for the owls, the wings have different layers of paper for the feather.  The bodies are one piece of watercolor and I used a nice natural paper with bits of leaves and flower petals in it for the faces.

I am planning one more owl collage for a fundraiser at Magoo's school.  The owl is their mascot so it fits perfectly.

Happy Tuesday!


Äiti said...

I love owls. My paternal grandmother did, too. Are you thinking of making cards with these bird collective images? Lmk if you do! xo

Heather said...

I want them!!!!!

Julie_c said...

Shirl - I probably will make a set of bird collective cards. I'll let you know.

Heather - you know where they'll be. :)