Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whooo - Doggie

You know what's not supposed to be between these two houses?  A big ol' branch - that's what.

It was just yesterday when I contacted a tree guy about the big oak branch that seemed to be broken and stuck up in the oak tree in the back yard.  Of course, yesterday it didn't seem like that big of a deal. It seemed pretty secure up there. (Damaged by Hurricane Irene.)  But last night it rained HARD.  HARD, people.  DOWNPOUR!

And sure enough, around 3:30am, a loud rumble woke Mike and I up.

After a groggy "What was that?"  I figured it out - the branch had been shaken loose and fell.

So I got up and checked on the back yard.  It was dark, but I could see leaves and branches where there were not supposed to be leaves or branches.  But it also looked like the roof dwas in one piece and the windows were intact - so I went back to bed.

Well, it was a little worse than I thought.  The big branch brought down a couple lesser - but still substantial branches - and a small tree.

To make everyone really cranky - the basement flooded too!

It's not major.  No one was hurt.  Both our house and our neighbor's house seem to be fine.  The basement will require bleaching but most things were picked up from the hurricane.  So that's just work and fumes.  Ahhhh, bleach fumes!

I've got two different tree removal companies coming out to give quotes and I'm going through our insurance policy now to find out if any of it is covered.  But all in all, it's cool.  Things could have gone sooooo much worse.

But still - whooo doggie.


Äiti said...

Glad it wasn't worse, but that's still a bummer. Hugs.

SjU said...

As you well know, I've been worried about that tree for a long while. So glad it wasn't worse.

Angela said...

Okay when you said a few branches came down, I was picturing something smaller-way smaller. Geez woman! I am happy all is well though!