Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Sweater & Origami Yoda

I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along this Wednesday.

The baby sweater marches on.  I probably have another 2 inches to add to the bottom before I can do the "trim" and start the sleeves.  Maybe next week I'll be in sleeve city?!  I'm enjoying the slow, steady motion of knitting with sock yarn - but thank goodness it's a small sweater.  I love the weight of it and would LOVE for someone else to knit me a sweater in sock yarn - but I think when I finally tackle the mountain of woman sweater - I'll be using a thicker yard and bigger needles - for sure.

Thanks to all the knitters that chimed in last week to offer encouragement for my color choice.  I hope the recipient's mother is as pleased as you all were, you kind, kind people.

Magoo and I started The Strange Case of Origami Yoda last night.  So far, so good.  And, of course, I had to make an origami Yoda to go with it.  How could I not?!

That actually got Magoo, Mo, and Curly interested in making origami this morning before school.  Magoo made a samurai hat all by himself.  Mo improvised a hoe.  I don't know what Curly made.  Finally, when I had finished getting myself dressed, making Magoo's lunch, and packing his backpack - I sat down and helped them all make an origami crane.  Some turned out better than others.  But it was just fun to have them get excited about origami.

In other news:  It's my birthday!  The big 4-0, people.  I gotta say, I'm not that bothered by it.  Last year, when I saw some wrinkles creeping into my face I had a minor freak-out.  But I've come to grips with that, so I'm good and ready for what the next decade holds.  I'm going to let myself eat anything I want today.  I have Bollywood class later tonight so that will help burn some calories off.  But tomorrow I have to get back on track with eating, exercise, and all the stuff that makes me feel better physically.

But today ... today I eat chocolate.  Sushi.  And maybe some macadamia nuts!


Äiti said...

Happy happy birthday!!! My guys loved Origami Yoda :-)

Enjoy your day, savor the flavors, and congrats on the progress you are making with the baby sweater!

Julie_c said...

Thanks so much, Shirl!

(lia) said...

Happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful!

I'm glad you brought my attention to Origami Yoda. I'm trying to give the kids in my life books this Christmas and I have a niece who shares my interest in origami. I think she's on the tail end of the age range for Yoda, so I'll have to check it out!

Julie_c said...

Lia -

The basic plot of Origami Yoda is that a middle-school-age boy wants to ask a girl out and seeks advice from Origami Yoda. The boy in question, and his friends, are all a bit ... well, dorky. Origami Yoda has been giving some advice and some of it has been good, so they are trying to decide whether or not to take Yoda's advice re: the girl.

My son is in 3rd grade and, to be honest, it's probably a bit old for him. He couldn't care less about girls and school dances. But the boy characters are funny and he loves all things Star Wars.

It's not really an origami themed book. But check it out, maybe it'll be up her alley.

Thanks for the comment!

Angela said...

Yay for 40! Congrats on getting there and Happy Birthday! Enjoy your sushi! Sweater is gorgeous by the way.

Anonymous said...

Boolie!!! Happy Birthday and Happy Bollywood! I hope the day was fantastic, and that you are smiling. Missing you and wishing you a great 4-0!

xo Beeny