Friday, October 28, 2011

Is it Fall or Winter?

This is what it SHOULD look like around here.  (And it did a few days ago.)  But we had wet snow slopping down last night and Saturday we're expecting 3 - 6 inches.  (!!!!)  So basking in this photograph might have to satisfy my autumn cravings this year.

That said, I can see the sun is trying to poke out today.  I might have to find 15 minutes to go outside and soak up some Vit. D.

I have a busy day before me.  I'm finishing up some small owl collages for the show and I'd like to get started on the iron-on Wink T-shirts.  If possible, I'd like to start a new illustration as well.  But I also have to hit the grocery store and do the birthday party at school today.  So we'll just see what ends up getting done.

Tonight, I am introducing Magoo to the movie E.T.  (I'm really excited to see it again myself.  I wonder if it'll hold up.)

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