Friday, October 21, 2011

Whatcha Makin', Bacon?

My main project on Wednesday/Thursday was to complete another spread for Monkey Ho Ho.  I'm finding that it takes roughly two days per 2-page spread.  And, of course, the studio is in shambles at the end of each illo, so there's a wee bit of clean up that needs to happen before I can proceed.

But today is Friday and I am on to new things like: Magoo's costume!  He's going as a frilled lizard this year.  I've just completed the mask (except for a bit of interior painting) and I have a green sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants that I have to dot up with fabric paint.  I love dots.  They cover all kinds of imperfections!

I just bought two more pieces of matboard so I can make more prints for OPEN STUDIO WEEKEND.  I also just found out where I will be.  So here it is:

Nov. 12 & 13th
11am - 5pm
555 Asylum Ave (right across the street from the bus station)
I'll be on the 3rd floor, by the BACK staircase.

It looks like all the halls will be JAM PACKED with artists this year - and a lot of new artists.  So that will be fun.  I'll be hanging with my pal, Angela, who will be showing her awesome photograph and watercolor paintings.  Swing on by, if you can!

Finally, I am making raspberry sauce.  Tomorrow night I'm having a karaoke shindig and making a flourless dark chocolate cake.  There's NOTHING I like better on my flourless dark chocolate cake than some homemade raspberry sauce!!!  (I think it's a lady thing.  I don't know too many dudes who would be like, "Pass the raspberry sauce!"  But we shall see!)

That's what I'm up to.  How about you?


Äiti said...

Oh my goodness, that mask is beautiful! Enjoy the cake, sauce and song tonight! xo

Angela said...

Boy are you busy! Hey that mask is outta sight! Magoo is one lucky kid. I had to buy costumes this year because when I looked at my art plans and their costume plans, I knew one had to give up the ghost!
I am psyched about Open Studio though.
Have a great time singing!