Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's Goin' On

October is here so it is time to bust out the Phase 1 Halloween decorations.  (Phase 1 in interior.  I don't decorate outside until mid-way through the month.)

I bought a couple new things this year: two mini disco skulls that light up (Target).  Two black rats.  (Christmas Tree Shoppe) And two small pumpkins.  (Trader Joes.)

And since it was such a rainy, yucky weekend and we couldn't go out apple picking with my visiting mother, we decided to make new creatures for the Halloween Village.  

I made a new plot for the graveyard.  My mom made a jack-o-lantern.  Isn't it cute?  And Magoo dedicated himself to crafting a very spooky spider.

Here's the collection so far:

I'd like to build the graveyard up a bit, and maybe get some fake moss or something to lend some atmosphere, but it's coming along.

In other news:
I'm getting started on the final collage illustrations for my third book, Monkey Ho Ho.

I'll be teaching a class on creating picture books at the West Hartford Art League this January, so I have to work on my course description and sign my contract this week.  More on that later.

I had to go to my local cable center to pick up three digital converters for my TV's.  I got three of them, one for each TV, and I was very proud of myself for hooking them all up.  But, as it turns out, I'll be returning two of them.  We simply couldn't get it to work in the basement, and it messed with the HD channels on the big TV.  But it works on one TV and it's a TV with the VCR so I can still tape my shows.  Parenthood and Prime Suspect - I did it for you!

The house is a mess, but Mike scored a house cleaning coupon on Groupon so I plan to have my kitchen good-n-scrubbed by a professional!

And, I don't know what to have for dinner tonight.


Angela said...

Disco skulls rule. We love ours. Your little beasties are cute too!

Charlie's Designs said...

Hello :) love all your stuff.. so great. My daughter is 5 yrs old and she wants to be a rainbow bird so I decided to make her halloween costume this year. Thanks for the sharing your idea. I do have a question about your little Halloween graveyard. What clay or molding stuff do you use that makes the final figure harden? Is there such a clay or mold thing? Thank you- Charlie