Monday, November 21, 2011

Adding to my Art Collection

Sometimes when a piece of art does not sell at the show I'm kinda psyched because I know just where it'll hang at home.

Murder of Crows was on display down in the gallery at ArtSpace.  Now it is up in my living room and I'm LOVING it there!  This space was previously filled by a large orange/brown canvas I painted in college.  I liked it, but I thought it was time for a change.  Also this allowed me to frame some old photos that I really like.

Here's the photo on top:

These are my paternal grandparents Frank and Antoinette Phillipps and their super groovy VW van.  I remember this van with great affection.  At some point they took the middle seat out, so my brother and I could run around when my grandmother was driving. It was like a disco on wheels.  Hey, it was the 70's.  We did stuff like that.

Here's the bottom photo: 

This, I believe, is my first dance recital.  I must be, like, four years old, maybe five.  I have a few abstract memories of being backstage at this event.  I think I can remember my mother putting make-up on me as well.

Can you find me?  I'm in the middle.

I picked this shot b/c I thought the blue wings might be kinda fun next to the crow collage.

OKAY.  Lots to do today.  I want to get another illo done, tidying, and I have to go through all the gifties I have already bought for the holidays and organize them.  And I can only do that when the men aren't home.

Happy Monday everyone!


Ă„iti said...

New art...yay!

From a distance, for sure, you resemble your grandmother!!

Have a great day yourself :-)

Hello and welcome... said...

Thanks for sharing your family photos...they're super. I love the shot of your grandparents...they look happy. Reminds me to get moving with our family photos too!

Angela said...

Awesome. I do love that piece-awesome family shots too. We've been doing some hammering here too (I alternate between my two-handed and one-handed technique; yes, I said "technique".) ;)