Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Countdown to Open Studio Weekend

Sat, Nov 12 - Sun, Nov 13
11 am - 5pm
ArtSpace Building, 555 Asylum Ave.

One of the things I was able to do during the power outage was make sure all the art was wired and ready to hang.  Inventory the art.  And price it all.

It's good to get things done.

I was also able to make some ninja softies.  And in the last two days I did all my Wink the Ninja T-shirts.

So I'm in good shape.

I still need to locate one collage that has gone AWOL and get that matted and framed.  And if I can do a massive everything inventory - that would be great too.  But it's not necessary.

I have a new space this year (3rd floor by the back staircase) so I'm not sure how everything will fit.  But I'll load the majority of the stuff on Friday and I'll hope to see any local friends who might be coming out this weekend.

All my ninja-making inspired Magoo to make his own stuffed ninja.  He cut the pattern, sewed with the mini-machine, stuffed, and hand-sewed it with little help from me.  And he stuck with it too!  There have been times in the past where he's started projects like this and then grown bored with it.  So I'm very proud of him - and I think he's pretty proud of himself too.

(Magoo's ninja not for sale.)

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Ă„iti said...

Hope you have fabulous sales and a fun time! Wish I could stop by...

So cool about Magoo and his sewing skillz!