Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Power

Around 1pm on Saturday, October 29th, it started to snow.  We knew the storm was coming and we knew we'd probably lose some power but we had NO IDEA the level of devestation that was on it's way.

We lost power at 5pm.  I happened to be looking out the front window when I saw a branch from the neighbor's tree fall on the power lines.  There was an explosion - a blast of fire the size of a barrel - and then the house shut down.

Fortunately, power was still on around the block so we fed the cat, packed a bag, and headed over to our friends's house for heat, TV and comfort of eletricity.

Their power went out at 11:30pm.

Sunday morning, Mike and I walked home.  Oh, the pictures that I took!  Oh, the power lines that were down!  Oh, the branches that were everywhere. 

And our poor trees.  We had a lovely Maple tree out front that was just a wee baby tree when Magoo was born nine years ago.  It grew big and tall and gave us lovely shade -  no more.  It was a mess.  Imagine a healthy tree with roughly 10 branches in the air.  Now imagine 8 branches broken and bending down and only 2 scrawny ones poking out.  It was like that. 

The mighty oak in the back is all over the place.  It looks like a tornado ripped through the back yard.  We are VERY LUCKY that nothing caused major damage to the house.  But the clean-up and expense is going to be massive. 

Sooooo, that was a little depressing.

Long story short.  It is Tuesday morning.  There is no school today.  No school tomorrow.  West Hartford is at 96% power outage so I imagine there won't be school all week.

Everyone is fine and we're all getting through it. 

When I can get back on my own computer, I'll show some pics.  Until then, I hope you are all safe and warm.

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