Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Week With No Power

As of 5pm tonight, we have been without power in our house for one full week.

We went back today - kinda hoping that someone we know might have power.   Maybe, just maybe the trees tangled in the power line on our road would be fixed.  Nope.  Not fixed.

One of my neighbors was speaking to a tree guy in the neighborhood and he told her that our road was one of the worst ones in town.  Ha!  In your face, other streets!  Our street is #1 in devastation.  Woooo!

But the mayor said that 46 electric crews would be in town today.   Maybe more tomorrow.  Maybe the same.  Maybe we'll have power Sunday night.  Maybe not.

Halloween was officially cancelled.  Is that not the saddest thing?  Well, maybe if Christmas was cancelled - that would be worse.  Still.   Halloween, man.

Anyway I'm much less angry.  I'm sorta in a state of disbelief.  Disbelief that this is still going on.  Disbelief that it will ever improve.  Everything is just surreal ... and cold.

But we plug on.  I made three stuffed ninjas for the art show yesterday.  We took Magoo to see Real Steel today - it was good.  Did you know that Hugh Jackman's real last name was Jassman, but they had him change it because of the way it sounded when you said his full name out loud?  ;)

Hopefully the next time I post I will be at home in my well lit house enjoying heat.  Hope you all are well and toasty!

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