Friday, November 11, 2011

Open Studio Pre-Show

I spent a portion of my afternoon hanging the wall art at Artspace for Open Studio Weekend.  (Did I mention that it is this weekend? ;)  In my old space by the elevator, I pretty much knew how many things I could fit and where to put what.  But this is a new area - deep into the maze of hallways on the 3rd floor (but close to the back staircase, in case I need to look out the window and soak in some sunlight) so I thought it best to go in today - lay things out - and get a jump start on the set up.

What's that weird branchy thing? you ask.  It's a cheapo display I made from ribbon, branches, and hot-glued tree nuts.  Tomorrow it will hold 40 beaded origami cranes.

In addition to my hall space, my friend Angela and I can also hang a few pieces in the little cubby by the stairs.

This is awesome news because I ran out of wall space.  Sure - I could cram a bunch of stuff on the wall from floor to ceiling, but a few years ago I learned that too much stuff confuses the art buyer's eye.  They can't focus on anything so they don't buy anything.  Less isn't necessarily more, but too much is too much.

Tomorrow, this table will be covered in books, ninjas, t-shirts and cards.  The rack will be full.  And I'll be sitting with my knitting.  So this is a little pre-show for you.

Also, I took pics to document what I had on the wall in case something got stolen again.  Fingers crossed that lightning doesn't strike twice.

Hey - if you're in the Hartford area, it's going to be a great weekend to get a jump on your holiday shopping!  It won't be so nice outside that you'll want to bask in the sun - and it won't be so crummy that you don't want to leave your bed.  Come on down to Artspace (555 Asylum St, across from the train station) and pay a wee visit, won't you!

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