Monday, November 7, 2011

Power's On and I Have Pictures

Power came back yesterday at noon.  Cable/phone/Internet came back about 30 minutes ago.  That was a long haul, but it's over (for us - not for everyone.)  

Here's some of the images.  (Above.) This is out house LAST Sunday morning.  All the branches are bending - some broken.  The mighty oak in the back looks like a menacing claw threatening the house. And the maple in the front has blocked our door.  (Most of that is gone now.)

(Below)  Here's the backyard.  Pretty!  There are still some broken branches up int he tree, but all the tree crews are working like crazy around here so we're just making sure the kids don't play int he backyard.  Hopefully someone will be able to get their truck out here and get them before it gets windy.

The grill took a hit on the side.  It still works but one of the side shelves in bent down.

What do you do when you have no power?  You curl up by the fire with your comic books.

Or knitting.  See our smiles?  This was Day 1 with no power.  It was still kind of novel then.  We thought, "What an adventure!"  It got a lot less cute the following day, and the following, and the following...

 This shot was taken a couple days ago.   The town is sending trucks around to mulch up the branches if you can drag them our front.  We were able to clear the front yard, but some of the limbs in the back are enormous.  There's no way we can deal with all of that.

Look at the poor maple out front?  It's like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.  The whole thing might have to come down.  We're not sure if it will survive.  I'll let a professional guide me in that one.

Last night we had heat, slept in our own beds, and were able to offer some comfort to neighbors who's power hadn't returned yet.  It did us all a world of good to get back to a somewhat normal existence.  No school today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  And I've been chug, chug, chugging along with preparations for the art show this weekend.  More on that tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you out there who sent good wishes!  Sometimes it's nice to whine and have your friends send sympathies your way.  Small comforts, but comforts indeed!

If you don't have your power back - I wish for it's speedy return for you.

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Äiti said...

What a relief. Very glad for you guys. xo