Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Powerless

It is Day 7 of no power.

Magoo and I have been back and forth between a cold, dark home and Gramma's house where we can sleep in comfort and cook.

We are super grateful that we have someplace to go, have hot food, warm showers, comfy beds, do laundry, check emails, watch TV, etc.  But it's good to go home and clean up the fort, see Mike, and let Magoo visit with friends.  There aren't any kids for him to play with at Gramma's house. (And if there were, they'd all be in school.)

I was feeling accepting of the situation yesterday.  The power company had promised to get everyone up and running by midnight Sunday.
Then, yesterday, the went back on that statement saing that it was "too optimisitc."  They haven't given a new time frame yet.

Now I'm angry.

I'm still grateful that we have a place to go - but the power company really screwed the pooch on this one.  They are responsible for keeping trees trimmed by power lines and they let that go.  They didn't pay their bills to the many out-of-state companies that came in and helped out during Tropical Storm Irene.  So those companies decided to go help out in Pennsylvania instead.

Slowly, slowly the businesses in West Hartford are coming back to life.  Traffic lights are working.  You see a truck pass by with branches in the back.

The National Guard has been called in to help.

But when will we be able to return home for good?  When will Magoo get to go back to school?  When will we be able to sleep in our own beds without winter hats?

Who knows.

And we have to turn the clocks back this weekend.  Sunset will be at 4:40pm.  That's a long, dark, cold evening when you don't have power.

This is a downer post.  Sorry about that.  As I said, I'm a wee bit angry.

But we are all well, we're just tired of having out lives on hold.


Ă„iti said...

I am so sorry. You're enduring nearly double what we had to, in terms of dislocation and, as you described, living your lives on hold. Four days (five days before we were able to get home) knocked me for a loop. I can't imagine seven without knowing when it's going to end.

Do you and Magoo want to come down for a visit? Lmk if there's anything I can do. xo

Julie_c said...

You're so sweet to offer, Shirl. I think Cam and I both like only being a hour away from home. We can get back and visit Mike pretty easily. And HOPEFULLY it won't be too much longer.

Natalie said...

Hugs to you, Julie! I don't blame you for being angry. It sounds like you're making the best of a tough situation. Fingers crossed that the power company will get their act together! :-/