Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

 I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We sure did.

One of my FAVORITE things about Thanksgiving is getting all the (child) cousins together for the group shot.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes not.  This year they were all troupers and posed nicely for me.

Aren't they a handsome bunch!

Here's a reference photo from 2005.  Magoo's still in diapers and one of the cousins hasn't been born yet.  When you see a kids only once a year it's AMAZING how big they look.  

It's always kinda interesting to see how Magoo will merge into the group.  You see, all six of the other cousins live in the same town and are quite used to each other.  Magoo is the odd man out.  Last year the girls sort of adopted Cam and played hostess until he was comfortable.  This year the girls squirreled away to the upstairs making stickers from puppy magazine photos.  It was Magoo's youngest cousin, Jack, who wanted to hang out the most, and that brought Magoo into the group.

We always gather at Marybeth's house.  It's big and beautiful.  Here she is setting her gorgeous dining room table.

Mary and Elaine are the matriarchs of the clan.  Elaine is the turkey doctor and Mary is the nurse.  It's very 'ER' in there.  Actually, they were both professional nurses so just remove the turkey and insert some dude needing surgery and I don't think their expressions would change one lick.

Oh, and the pies!  Mary and her daughter Pam and are PIE QUEENS!  There was Pecan, Apple, and Lemon Meringue.  

Not favoring the super sweetness of Pecan, I stuck to Lemon and Apple and they were both DELICIOUS!

And since it was Thanksgiving, and one should always count one's blessings on Thanksgiving, I should say how thankful I am that I married into a family that I adore.  Seriously, I hit the in-law jackpot!  Gatherings are always so much fun; Mike, Magoo and I look forward to the big family Thanksgiving every single year!

So to my married family I say thanks for the hospitality, the turkey, the laughter, the trampoline, the pies, the tolerance of my camera clicking away, and the acceptance of me into your family.

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Angela said...

Sounds like a great time. How did Magoo get so huge?