Monday, December 5, 2011

Evil Christmas

Allow me to introduce the newest members of out Christmas Village: Xmas Zombie and Evil Smurf.

You see, Xmas Zombie was just a regular ol' Joe who went out for some Christmas caroling when he was attacked by zombies.  Although his skin is green and he thirsts for brains, he still remembers what the Christmas spirit is all about.  So Xmas Zombie has brought a brain, just for you.  What a thoughtful zombie!

Evil Smurf has less of a back-story.  Magoo says he wanted to make a Christmas guy but he wanted him to be evil ... with blood on him.  Still a Smurf is pretty jolly - so Merry Christmas Evil Smurf!

In other news:  I have some lovely fuschia blossoms on my cactus.  They are all crammed against the glass in the window so I was finding it difficult to get a good shot.  At one point I just held the camera out and got this one... which I quite like!

 We bought a Santa hat for Java.  She's not in love with it.

Mike detected a squirrel heist in progress.  Seems Squirrel A repelled down the rope to steal seeds via dropping them down to his accomplice, Squirrel B.

I'm actually shocked it took this long for the squirrels to get into it.  I've had it up for months.  Maybe there were so many tree seeds and acorns and things for them in the warmer months that they didn't feel the need to invade the birds' buffet.  But they have figured it out now.

Yanno, I'm not opposed to helping a squirrel out, but I'm a little afraid they're going to hogs about it and clean me out of my birdseed.  What to do?  What to do?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Angela said...

Love evil Xmas! That is too funny.
Where did you find those bottle brush trees? I cannot find them anywhere!

Julie_c said...

Ang -

I ordered my bottle brush trees from a lady on etsy last year. I'd say go on esty or ebay and see what you can find.

Angela said...

Thanks Julie! Those things are scarce.