Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Cookie Time!

In years past I have enjoyed making Christmas cookies and gathering them up in pretty tins for my friends and neighbors.  When Magoo was put on a special diet, I spent so much time baking breads, cookies, and muffins for him that the LAST thing I wanted to do was make more cookies.

I think the last time I made Christmas cookies for others was 2007.  So, four years later, I feel I have Magoo's baking under control and I possess the will and energy to try Christmas cookies again.

My specialty is Buckeyes.  My mom used to make Buckeyes and they were OH SO YUM.  And I have to admit - they are still OH SO YUM.

What they aren't is easy to make.  You have to work through the whole process - there's no sitting and waiting while they bake.  Oh no - that deliciousness comes from standing up for 90 minutes, getting your hands wet and sticky in peanut butter gloop, and bending over a pot of dense liquid chocolate to coat each and every morsel. (I brought my portable DVD player into the kitchen and watched Project Runway the whole time.)


Two trays are done.  Hooray!  And the kitchen is an unholy mess.  Boo!  But it's time for lunch so it will have to wait.  And I have one Christmas cookie done for the season.

Ho ho ho.

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Äiti said...

Nice reflection in the top shot :-) What a great idea to watch PR while toiling away!