Monday, December 12, 2011

Journey to WEBS

On Saturday, Heather and I decided to make a pilgrimage North to Massachusettes and the MEGA yarn store, WEBS.

(Above.)  Here's part of the view when you walk through the door.  Whoosh.  There's a lot to take in.
I had a super-anal 3-ring binder with my upcoming projects in my arms so I grabbed the first salesperson I saw and had her show me to the DK and sock yarn.

After I found a couple things I wanted, I allowed myself to just stroll around and take in all the colors.

I love a store with a resident cat.  This is Fred.  Technically he's not a resident, just a frequent guest.  He lives in the neighborhood and he loves attention.  So when he's out and about he stops over at WEBS to be pet by the employees and customers.  And he's welcome there because he doesn't seem to care for the yarn one lick.  Of course Java doesn't care for my yarn when it's all balled up and put away either.

After wandering around the store for awhile, I overheard a clerk directing a lady to the back warehouse section where everything was ON SALE.  Oh, you know I hightailed it back there quick!

Hot diggity dog!

I had been wanting to make a sweater for myself but when you figure in all the yarn you need it's not really a cheap option - but back here I found some lovely yarn in an orangey-squash color and got a fantastic price for it.

Here's Heather and I in the aisles.

I did pretty good.  I got yarn for my sock project, for a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend, and for a sweater.  It was tempting to get more, but I reigned myself in.  I imagine it's quite easy to go overboard with so much yarn-y goodness.

I'd also like to add (in case anyone from WEBS every reads this) that the staff was TOP NOTCH knowledgeable, friendly, and available.  There were staff people everyone, always smiling, always eager to help you find what you desired.  It was just a happy place to be overall.  So if you get a chance to head out to North Hampton, MA, and you love yarn, get on over to WEBS.


Äiti said...

Ooooh! I've heard the store is amazing, so glad you got to go!

Angela said...

I had no idea this place even existed! Thanks for the heads-up; it looks great!