Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stop-Motion Saturday

Some days you just gotta throw your plans to the wind.

On Saturday, I thought I would do some cleaning, some baking, and start working on the last 2 Xmas gifts I had yet to make.  But when I came home from the grocery store, Magoo announced that he wanted to make a stop-motion movie.

Well,  his buddies were occupied that afternoon and I always like to encourage a creative pursuit that does not involve reaching level six on some Wii game - so I chucked aside my baking, my cleaning, and my gifting.

Magoo was in charge of the concept (an obstacle course he built out of K'Nex) and I was in charge of the star.  So I fashioned a little Sonic the Hedgehog character out of polymer clay.

Then we had to make a set.  I cut three sides off a box and lined them with white paper.  Here's Magoo stabilizing his K'Nex course on the set.

Then we his a snag.  The webcam that I had used over the summer to make my zombie film was so completely out of focus that it was unusable.  It was a super cheapo camera, so it was no big loss.  Still - why bother making a stop-motion film if it's going to look like there was Vaseline on the lens.

So we went out to Best Buy and got a much nicer camera.  (I'll be making more book trailers so I consider it a professional investment.)

Once we got back home, I had to install the driver for the camera, but I couldn't get the animation program disc out of the computer.  (That was just plain flukey!)  So it took me a good 20 minutes to figure out how to get the first disc out so I could put the other disc in.  And by the time that all got settled, I needed to chill out and eat lunch!  Whooosh.

But after lunch we all it altogether!

Here's Magoo on set.

 We have our lights.  We have our camera.  And together Magoo and I (and our SAM Animation program) provided the action.

Magoo was a trooper through the whole thing.  He was the director and he seemed to really enjoy the process.  And he is VERY proud of his accomplishment.

Want to check it out?  It's up on YouTube.  Click here.

It turned out to be an excellent way to spend the afternoon with my son.  MUCH better than cleaning!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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