Monday, December 19, 2011

The Trees Came Down

As I had previously reported, the October snowstorm did quite a number on our trees.  Because Eric, our tree guy, was very, very busy, his crew only just to our mess on Friday.

The saddest loss was our Maple out front, which was so badly damaged that it had to come down.

The Maple was a very small tree when we first moved in.  Magoo was born soon after and I can remember taking him out front and laying him down in the shade of the small tree - which only covered his baby blanket.  I would move him around the yard as the sun moved the shade.

In more recent years it was a climbing tree, a pinata hanging tree, and the place where we sat with company when were outside.

It's a true shame that it had to come down.

The tree guys had to get the big truck into our small backyard to deal with the Mighty Oak.  That was like thrreading yarn through the eye of a needle.

There were quite a few large branches that were potentially dangerous, dangling up there.  And even more LARGE branches that had been badly damaged and needed to be removed.  Down came the tire swing.

See that huge branch in the back?  They cut that into chunks for us.  Mike bought a new log rack to hold the excess wood we're going to have and I think we might need to get another one.

And sad as it was that these things had to happen, we will be hanging the tire swing again and we will plant a new tree out front.  And maybe - with all the excess sunlight coming in the backyard in the Spring - maybe, I will be able to grow some grass back there at last.

In the meantime, I need to do some research on landscaping.  Anyone know any good books?

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Angela said...

Too bad about the trees but you will plant new ones . . . . No books, but check with the local (not home depot) nursery about native plants; perennials are always good-less work.