Monday, January 16, 2012

Ski Saturday

This weekend, we drove up North to hang out with family and hit the slopes.  Mike's uncle has a place in Woodstock, Vermont and Suicide Six (above) is just minutes away.

Here's Magoo all ready to go.

This is only Magoo's second time skiing (and Mike's too, for that matter) but he was doing pretty well last year so we decided not to get lessons and just take him down the bunny hill a few times.  Well ... that didn't work out so well.

For starters, there are some basic concepts to skiing that Magoo doesn't quite get, like when you've fallen and you need to get up DON'T point your skis down the mountain.  Stuff like that.  So in addition to me shouting things like "Pizza!"  "French fries!" to get him to put his skis in certain positions, I was also trying to talk him through getting up which can be complicated.  "Now move your ski forward.  Not that ski, the other ski.  No, honey, forward, so your tips are pointing to the trees.  Now move your body..." and so on.  And because I'm on skis and Mike's on skis it's hard to reach down and help him.

Magoo was getting pretty frustrated and I was starting to get tense, which causes Magoo to tense and so on and so on...

Then the grumpy clouds cleared and  a choir of angels sang as NICEST MAN IN THE WORLD stopped by.  His name was Terry and he offered to help out and give Magoo some pointers.  He took Magoo down the bunny hill three times, showing him how to stand with his legs apart, how to bend his knees, how to position his body to put his weight forward.  The fourth time down the hill, Magoo made it down without falling once!

(FYI Terry was not a teacher there.  He was just a man who was there with his own kids who had been skiing all his life.  Sooooooo nice!)

Then Magoo started having fun and I started to relax.  After a few more runs, Magoo said he wanted to try one of the bigger trails.

So when Mike and Larry came back from their ski adventure on the other side of the mountain we all went over to the EASY MILE.

All went well - at first.  The trouble was, the EASY MILE is a mile.  It's looooong, and it's more challenging than the bunny hill.  After three falls, Magoo started to tense up again.  And when he gets tense, I get tense and so on and so on and so on.  Eventually, we agreed that he would ski down with me, between my skis, and we made it down the rest of the mountain that way.  It was tough on my thighs, but easier on my nerves.

Larry offered to take Magoo into the lodge for a snack while Mike and I hit the EASY MILE solo.

That was my only run that day sans Magoo.  I was exhausted.

We would have gone back Sunday (and we would have paid for some ski lessons for Magoo) but it was C.O.L.D.  I mean -8 degrees, baby.  No thank you.

In the end, Magoo said he had a good time.  I think he just needs more lessons and he needs them to be from a professional and not his mother.  Then he can get a solid foundation and I can have some fun going down the hills not in full Mama Bird mode.

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