Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Art Class: Wax Resist Hieroglyphics

Last week Curly expressed interest in hieroglyphics.  (I think he might be studying them in school.) So I pulled out some old mat board, crayons, printed up some hieroglyphic samples, and we did some wax resist.

The first step was to have the kiddos sketch their designs on the matboard in pencil.  I printed up some alphabets in case anyone wanted to write their names, but no.  They stuck with the designs.  Magoo chose a low cup/bowl.  Curly did a falcon.  Mo chose a scarab beetle.

One of the challenges in this project is getting the kids to leave blank space.  Ideally, you leave areas of board untouched and that's where the ink/paint holds.  But that requires thinking about negative space, so I had to go over it with the boys a couple times.

Here's Magoo applying his paint.

I used black tube watercolor for the ink.

And here's Curly.  You can see the paint form into drops over the white crayon.  TIP: the harder you apply the crayon the better.

When the ink was dry, I let the boys do some detail work with gold markers.

Great job boys!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Angela said...

That is super. We are loving hieroglyphics around here-wax resist sounds great!