Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Morning Art Class: Figure Drawing

It was around this time last year when I started teaching Magoo and the B Boys (Curly and Mo) art on Sunday mornings.  It went really well, so we decided to do it again.

We started off with figure drawing.  Well, actually, we started off with some symmetry warm-ups (which they did OK with), then we moved on to figure drawing. 

Drawing is such a strong fundamental skill, that I like to teach it off and on all through the "semester."  But these are high-energy boys and I want them to have fun too, so we jump from project to project: clay, watercolor, T-shirt design, comics...

Anyhoo, back to the task at hand.

The first thing we did was break down the body into part; ovals, circles, and rectangles.  Then I gave them all copies with three bodies already drawn out and we broke down the parts on those bodies: head, neck, shoulders, etc.  I really want them to understand what's in the body, where it goes, and how it bends.  When they get that, they can draw anything.

Then we drew "activities" from a bowl to sketch out.

This is Curly's "Tripping."  Curly was very good at capturing the motion of the physical activity.  Can't you see this guy really falling forward?

Here's Mo working on "Climbing."  Mo's climbing guy is getting up on a chair.   I love the tongue sticking out in concentration. 

Magoo's climbing guy is working his way up a precarious branch.  From the proximity of those clouds, it looks like he got pretty high!

(I like the T-shirt that says I am right 94% [of the time.]  I want to make a shirt like that.)

I was very proud of the boys.  They only needed one reminder of how they are expected to behave during art class, and then they were great.  I think it's most difficult for Magoo to make the transition from kid-in-his-own-house to art-student.  And when I'm teaching them, I'm pretty no-nonsense for an hour.  There was one point when Magoo was feeling down and wrote I hate art class on his paper, especially for me to see.  :)   I just gave him a tissue (he had a few tears) and told him (in a nice voice) that he needed to work through it, and after a while he was back on task and having a good time.

In other news:  It was a crafty Sunday.  Magoo and I also made a car from cardboard and rubberbands from this book: Amazing Rubber Band Cars.

In addition to having a fun toys, we learned about axels and friction.  And Magoo learned how to use the hot glue gun, cautiously.

Also - We FINALLY have some snow!   It was a two-day sledding extravaganza!!!  Pics tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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