Friday, February 24, 2012

Magoo Goes to the Birds

The other day I had some India ink out and Magoo took an interest in it.  He wanted to paint with it.  And he wanted to paint birds.   So we pulled out a book with birds in it, I gave him some paper and some brushes, and he went to town.

(Above) A Kiwi bird.  (Below) A Marine bird.

I'm so impressed with his birds.  I love them!  (And I didn't give him any guidance at all.)   I could tell he was pretty darn proud of them as well.  So we decided that these little birdies needed a proper home.

I think they look pretty swank all matted and framed.  Nice work, Magoo!

In other news:

-It snowed!  Not a lot.  But enough to have a school delay.  Mr. Sicko is still a little sick but he made it through school yesterday and I imagine he'll make it through this shorter day just fine.

- I'm busy gluing my collages down for my picture book.  I can only do so many in one day or else the glue fumes get to me.  It's kinda too bad though, it was really nice being out in the fresh air yesterday gluing.  It will be a little more difficult (and cold) today.  But glue I must!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Äiti said...

Wonderful birds!!!