Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ski Sundown

It's February break here in Connecticut, so Magoo is home from school for two extra days: yesterday and today.  It's dry as a bone around here, brown lawns galore, but we still thought we'd try a little skiing.

In the past, we have gone up to Vermont to ski.  But there's actually some lovely little mountains close by.  On Sunday we went to Ski Sundown which is only about 40 minutes away in New Hartford.  It was kinda funny to see all the browns and greens as we drove to the resort and then slivers of pure white slinking down the slopes. 

You know, our last ski adventure was not a fun experience for me.  We thought Magoo would be OK with just a few pointers and "mom's ski school" was not getting it done.  It left us both frazzled.  So this time we shelled out for a real lesson.  Magoo did a couple runs on this cute little conveyor belt lift and then he went off with the instructor.

While Magoo learned proper ski technique,  Mike and I hit the bigger slopes.  Not the advanced ones, mind you, just the bigger ones.

Ski Sundown has a lot of "freestyle" equipment  for doing snowboard and skiing tricks - which is very entertaining as you ride the ski lift.    Look at this kid getting some air.  You go, kid!

This was our first time at Ski Sundown and I quite liked it.  There were a lot of nice easy runs for me.  I'm not a thrill seeker by any means.  All I want is a lovely ski run.  I want to enjoy myself.  I don't want to grit my teeth as I try desperately not to fall or run into someone.  Nice and easy.  That's me.  And they had that - at the top.  My qualm is that there are, like, 5 easy trails at the tippy top of the mountain, but then a whole bunch of trails merge together at the bottom and morph into an intermediate trail.  You HAVE to go down the intermediate trail to get to the bottom.  So its, la la la - nice and easy - then, at the end - HOLY CROW I'm going fast!!!

After four runs down, I was getting used to it.  But still. 

After an hour and a half of lesson, Mike and I went back over to the beginner area and picked up Magoo.  He was doing GREAT!!!  We spied him going down the trail with his class.  He was turning, controlling his speed and direction, and didn't fall once!  We were mighty proud.

Here's another good thing about Ski Sundown: they have a whole section that's a beginner section.  So you're off on the side of the slopes and you have your own ski lifts and shorter, easier trails.  It was lovely.

Here's Mike and Magoo going up the lift.

We probably spend another hour just letting Magoo choose the trail and following him down.  He fell.  But he never got frustrated by it.  And he could handle himself getting back up again.

It hasn't been much of a winter around here, but I'm so glad we got to have a really positive ski day and I'm glad that we found a nice mountain that's so nearby.

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