Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Art Class: DIY Mugs

I've seen a few posts on people designing their own mugs lately, so when I was at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago and saw a bunch of white ceramic mugs, I thought I'd better snatch them up.
Then I picked up some Porcelain markers at Michael's.  (On clearance!  Whoo-woo.  But then 2 didn't work, so BOOO!)

I started the boys out by showing them some examples of mugs that I pulled off the web of cool mugs.  I tried to show them how to make big designs - not too much detail - and not too much color.  I found some great mugs here that do a lot with only two colors.

Then I gave them all mug templates to practice their designs on.

When the designs were approved, then got to draw them on the mugs.  See Curly's in the lower left.  You can see his devil face design on the template and how he's drawing it on the mug.

One of the nice things about these markers is that you can wash the ink off if you made a mistake.  It's not permanent until you bake it on the ceramic.

And here are the boys with their mugs.

Here's nice tutorial if you want to try it yourself.  And (below) here's the template for sketching mug designs.

The boys had a really good time with this project and I think they're super psyched to use their own, personalized mugs. (Sorry boys - I have to bake them first!)

I only had three mugs so I didn't get to make one - boo.  I'll have to run back out to the Goodwill and gather more mugs.  I think these could make excellent teacher gifts!

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Angela said...

Very cool! Happy Valentine's Day!