Friday, February 10, 2012

The Waiting Game

A couple of weeks ago I pulled out all the illustrations for my newest picture book, laid them out in the dining room, and made a list of 'things to fix.'

That's all done now, so I'm in that terrible, horrible place where I have to wait.  I'm waiting to see what cover design the publisher wants to go with.  I'm waiting to see if they like any of my mock-ups for end-papers.  I'm waiting to find out if there are illustrations that need tweaking.  And if not, then I'm waiting to get the 'go ahead' to glue everything down.  (It's only taped in place right now.)

Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dee, dee....

Of course, I'm working on other projects.  But it's great when I get momentum going on a project and so hard when I have to stop - cold - and just wait.

In other news: Magoo is working on a biography of Sitting Bull.  Part of the project is a timeline - a timeline with illustrations!  

I present The Battle at Little Bighorn.

My favorite part is the expression on the army guy's face.  Like OH [bleep]!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Angela said...

Awesome progress though-can't wait to see.
Maybe those fools should have left Little Big Horn alone.