Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarn Along: Honey Cowl

My newest project on the needles is the all-too-famous Honey Cowl that it seems EVERYONE is making (or has made) on Ravelry.  Well, I just gotta have one too!  In Tosh DK Moss.  I think this will be my last cowl of the season.  Then I think I'll be all cowled-out for awhile.

I'm reading (and about 120 pages into) The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton.  I read about it on an author's blog that I frequent and she loved it!  I can see why.  It hooked me by page, like, 13.  The basic story is that the MC, Mike, survived something unspeakable when he was eight years old.  We, the readers, don't know what it is because he can't quite bring himself to say it.  In fact, he doesn't say anything.  At all.  He's a psychological mute.

He grows up with his uncle and has a pretty miserable childhood, until he discovers two things about himself: he has natural art skills, and he's awesome at picking locks.

The story jumps back and forth in time between the kind of trouble he gets in in his youth and to the kind of trouble he gets in as a "specialist-for-hire" for professional criminals.

It's told in first person and Mike's voice comes through loud and clear as he recounts his adventures and how he fells about having participated in them.

I'm really enjoying it.

And guess what?  I finished my first sweater!!!  Da, da DUUUUUUUM!

I haven't actually blocked it yet which is why the trim (seed stitch) is still a little puffy.  I'll give it a bit of a steam blocking today.  But all in all I'm pleased with it and I'm so impressed with myself that I was able to make an adult sized sweater in less than two months.

(Sweater is Frances Revisited, pattern on Ravelry.)

So now I'm onto garments and it's a brave new world!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

(Joining Ginny at Small Things.)


Äiti said...

Congrats! The color of the sweater looks fab on you and the fit is perfect!

A friend mentioned the honey cowl to me recently and I could not remember why it sounded familiar. Now I know :-)

Swanski said...

All cowled out? I love that line! Your sweater looks gorgeous and the fit is perfect!

Angela said...

Wow you did a tremendous job with that sweater. You look awesome in it! Love the pose too-work that woodstack. ;)

Jessica Snell said...

Wow! your sweater is gorgeous! I'm working on my first knit sweater too, and I can only hope it turns out half so well!

Andria said...

Gorgeous sweater, I've just added it to my queue. LOVE IT!! Cowls are awesome too, love that colour.

Ellen said...

Great sweater! Love the 3/4 length sleeve and seed stitch.

Lori ann said...

beautiful beautiful!