Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along: Linen Vest

It's Wednesday so I'm joining Ginny at Small Things.

The vest is coming along.  There's a nice little detail on the side (that you can't see - sorry) that got all messed up after I connected the armholes, and I had to deal with the not-uncommon dilemma: do I go back 5 rows and fix or do I proceed and hope that it won't be so bad?

Oh, I wanted to just proceed.  I was dying to let it go.  I came up with all sorts of "tricks" to fix the problem without actually fixing the problem.  But in the end, I decided that I didn't want to spend my time making a garment that I would be embarrassed to wear.  So I bit the bullet, went back 5 rows (which was tedious but not difficult) and fixed it.  And I'm SO HAPPY I did.  It really looks so much better now.  It was a good little exercise in un-knitting as well.  (The pattern is free on Ravelry.  Here's the link.)

I'm currently reading WHERE THINGS COME BACK, although nothing has come back yet.  It's kinda a slow starter.  I'm sticking with it because it has not one, but TWO fancy round stickers on the front cover, but it's going to have to get interesting pretty darn soon or else back to the library it goes.  I enjoyed SHIP BREAKER but I thought the ending was a little unsatisfying.  Then I noticed that it's the first in a series - so if I think of as part of an on-going story I think it ended just fine.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


pinkundine said...

I tend to do anything I possible can to avoid ripping back, but I think sometimes it is absolutely necessary, especially if you want to love the garment. Glad you bit the bullet, it sounds like the right decision!

Angela said...

Yep, always gotta be willing to unknit or rip out. I find my aversion to doing so is usually worse than the actual ripping out.
Your vest looks great!

Ellen said...

Love how you have the book showing on the mantle behind the vest. Clever. Sorry to hear about the frogging of rows, but it's good to be happy about something.