Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Art Class: Printmaking

This Sunday I wanted to do something that was more about design and less about technique so the boys could really experiment and have fun.  So I chose printmaking.  Now, I don't want to offend printmakers and suggest there is no technique to this medium because, of course, that's ridiculous.  But our goals were less about that.  I simply printed up some examples of lino prints and showed the boys how to balance white space with dark space, active space with calm space, and how they could make different kinds of marks using different tools.

Once I was done with all that, all I had to do was show them how to make a print and let them run wild.

If you're going to try this at home (and you should because it's sooooo fun) I recommend having a few things:

ink (Speedball has a water-soluble printing ink or just use tempera paint)
brayer  ( I do recommend shelling out four bucks and buying a proper brayer. It's the right tool for the job)
rolling pin
ink plate (I used a piece of glass from a frame I wasn't using.)
foam  (You can buy sheets of foam specifically for this, Scratch-Art Scratch foam, or just the the centers out the of foam meat containers from the grocery store.)
pens, pens, chopsticks - anything to make an indention

Once the boys made their designs, they applied ink to the ink plate.  Roll the brayer across it several times to get an even coat of paint on the brayer, then apply the ink to the foam sheet.

(Here's Curly applying the ink.)

(Note: It's a good idea to have some scrap paper underneath your foam sheet so you can apply the ink evenly to all the edges without making a mess of your table.)

Then you take a clean sheet of paper and center it over your foam sheet.  Use a rolling pin to get even pressure over your paper.  Here's Mo rolling it out.  Get all the edges!

Then hold the foam sheet down and carefully pull your print off of it.

Here's Magoo examining his first print.

They had a really good time with it and I think they did a fabulous job.  It was so much fun even Heather and I sat down and made a couple prints after the boys were gone.

Here's the dining room after were done.

One of the best things about printmaking is that you can make as many prints as you want.  If you have several different colors of ink, you can do the same print in different colors and that would look so cool.

I think it printmaking was definitely a big THUMBS UP for the boys (and the moms.)

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Angela said...

Thanks for the awesome and detailed tutorial Julie! Super cool; the boys did a great job and have a great teacher!