Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Belated Art Class

Since Curly and Mo couldn't make it on Sunday, I asked Magoo if he wanted to do a solo art class.  He said he did, so I decided to bring him into the world of abstract art with me.

We decided to explore a shape, and he chose a triangle.  Then he drew a bunch of triangles on a piece of paper (I was encouraging him to draw some BIG shapes, but he never got really large) and he used water soluble crayons to color the shapes and then applied water to blend.

It's not finished yet.  But I think it's coming along nicely and I also think that working with an abstract is a good way to learn how to use a new medium.  That way he can explore the art supply and what it can do without having any preconceived idea of what his finished product should look like.

In other news:
It's going to be a busy week.  It's conference week so in addition to Magoo getting home earlier, there are also school activities for an involved mom like me.

Yesterday morning I went in to help set up the book fair in the library, then came home to make two loaves of sweet bread for the teachers.  (Parents provide snacks for the busy teachers during conference weeks.)  So I made a loaf of cranberry bread and a loaf of banana bread.  I sliced them up and wrapped them neatly.  Then I went to pick up Magoo from school, and here's what I found when I got home:

That rotten cat of mine pulled out a slice of the banana bread, opened the plastic and started eating away!!!


I kicked her furry booty right out of the house.  Then I cut off the parts her mouth had touched and finished the rest of the bread.  Mmmmmm.  It was really good!

Have a great Tuesday!

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