Friday, March 2, 2012

Sea Shells and Sitting Bull

One of my projects this week was working on the end pages of the latest picture book (who's title is still up in the air.  Oy!)

For those of you that don't know, the end pages are colorful pages at the front and back of the book.  They can aid in the telling the story or they can simply be a solid color.  I sent a few different ideas in to the art director and she liked the one that was snapshots of my monkey character playing at the beach.  In my mind - it's like someone laid out a bunch of photos and keepsakes on a table.  Keepsakes meaning shells.  So I dug into Magoo's shell collection and pulled out some pretty ones to paint.

(Above.) Here they are drying in the sun.

I got sloppy on the edges because I'm going to cut them all out.  I have to admit - I really liked painting them.  When the book is done, I'm going to have to dip back into some solid watercolor projects.

In other news:  Magoo turned in a spectacular biography project on Sitting Bull.  He'd been working on it all month.  He read a biography on Sitting Bull, made a time line, and a bio bottle (which is the figure made out of a bottle and a styrofoam head.)

Michael teases me about helping Magoo with the project, but of course I helped him with it.  All the parents helped with it, it's just that Magoo has the added bonus of having a mother who's a professional artist.  But I DID NOT do the project for him.  I guided him and helped him.  For example: I cut the felt for the clothes, but he sewed it and cut the fringe.  I sculpted the face, but he helped with the paper mache' and he painted it.  He really put a lot of work into both the timeline and the bio bottle and he got the highest score he could get on it.

I know that at some point they display the bio bottles in the lobby of the school.  I totally want to see that!  I bet they are so much fun!

Have a great weekend!!


Äiti said...

The look of pride in his face...priceless :-)

The shell paintings are mighty pretty!

Angela said...

They both look awesome. I help kind of the way you help. I have seen some projects that were done by the parents. Loving the shells. I have been working on some of my own. Jinx!
Those endpages will be faaabulous!

Susan Gurry said...

Agreed....when my oldest daughter was in first grade, the other teacher had a big contest, making something out of a large box. The things that the parents brought in could not have been made by the kids...which is why my daughter's teacher did not have such competitions. Helping is helping...doing is doing and does not benefit the kids.

Magoo looks awesome with his project!