Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Art Class: Drawing the Human Face

We did a bit of technique this week as I took the boys through the correct proportions of a human face.  We did the same thing last year, only this year I had them draw each other's faces and last year they drew their own.

This is a basic breakdown of how a well proportioned face should be.  (Image pulled from web.)

As with almost any lesson that's high on technique and low on art supplies, there was a big of grumbling and lost focus.  They all wanted to give each other horns, elf ears, and 101 teeth.   I told them the first face had to be drawn to the best of their ability, but they could go to town on a second face.  (I should have taken photos of some of those!)

Here are the proper faces.

Magoo's portrait of Curly

Mo's portrait of Magoo

Curly's portrai of Mo

Pretty good, eh?

Next week we're going to continue with faces, but we're going to add watercolors to the mix!

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Angela said...

Holy moley! They did a fantabulous job. Elf ears-ha!