Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Art Class: Photo Collage

I've been wanting to take the boys out for a photography project for awhile.  But, yanno, it was wicked cold.  Yesterday, however, the sun was sooooo bright that we decided to go for it!  (Also it meant I didn't have to clean off the dining room table and set it up for a big, messy project.  Ding!)

Our goal was to capture letters in our names.


The obvious choices were all the letters on the shops, but I also wanted them to look for license plates, water drains, street signs.  There are letters everywhere.

When we were finished, we returned to my house where I uploaded the photos into my computer and cropped and resized the letters in Photoshop.  Here's an example of what the photo collages looked like:

They really turned out quite well.  If you don't have Photoshop at home, maybe you could try this with magazine letters or you'll can print out the separate photos at a CVS kiosk and collage them the old fashioned way.

Have a great week!


Äiti said...

What a great idea! I'm "pinning" this one into my bookmarks :-)

Angela said...

That Magoo collage looks so fun. Great job!

mh said...

That reminds me of this: The artist is a childhood friend of mine and though I haven't seen him in several decades, I check out his website from time to time.

Mika said...

oh yay! That sounds like a fun thing to do during our easter break!!!