Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn Along: New Projects

Hello Knitters!  It's Wednesday so I'm joining in Ginny's Yarn Along.

I've started a couple new projects.  The first is called the Whisper Cardigan.  It's the first pattern I've paid for on Ravelry.  Normally I can find plenty of free patterns, but this one was so perfect and light and cute, I had to try it.  What I didn't really pay attention to was the fact that I'd be using lace weight yarn.  Holy moly - is it thin!  (I'm using Tosh Lace in color: Nebula.  That's the blue/green stuff above.)  I think I'll be working on this for at least two months, so I thought I'd give myself another project so I could feel like I was accomplishing something during that time.  My son is 9 and not really into stuffed animals, but I thought he'd get a kick out of the killer bunny from Monty Python.  Check it out here.  I'm just using a basic Alpaca yarn I picked up from Michael's.  Nothing fancy.

I finished my vest!  Yay!

I made this with a cotton/linen yarn and it's not as soft to knit with, but it really softens up after blocking.  I think it will be a nice addition to the spring/summer wardrobe.

I finished Where Things Come Back yesterday.    I gotta give it a solid Eh.   This book has won awards and received a ton of literary praise, but I didn't love it.  It all comes together at the end, but it's a slooooooow beginning and it has a lot to do with theories of living life rather than someone actually living it.  Of course that's kinda the book's point:  go out and live your life and stop being such an analytical ass-hat.  But in order to get there we have to deal with some analytical ass-hats.

I don't want to suggest that this book is bad by any stretch of the imagination or give it any kind of bad review.  It's really just not me.  I loved The Hunger Games, The Lock Artist, The Scorpio Races.  I love Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice.  I love anything David Sedaris writes. 

If you like a good, solid literary novel that's not necessarily action packed and more about how its characters examine the lives they are living, then you'll probably love Where Things Come Back.


Äiti said...

The vest looks great! Very nice drape. I look forward to seeing a pic of you wearing it.

Tosh yarn comes in such wonderful colors. I haven't bought any yet...something else to look forward to :-)

Angela said...

That rabbit is crazy! Love Monty Python. Hmm Tosh, that's going to be a great cardigan. So now you are paying for patterns and using expensive yarn-ha!
Your vest looks awesome!
Have a good one.

Julie_c said...

I know! Right! I'm like a crack ho of yarn!

Jessica Snell said...

Ooh, the Whisper Cardigan is at the top of my queue (I have a few things I need to finish first) and I have a Christmas gift skein of MadTosh in Rosewood I'm planning on using for it. Isn't it just the prettiest pattern?

Anke said...

I really like the vest you made. It looks so simple, but the drape gives it that little something special. Very pretty!