Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Author Visit: Emerson-Williams Elementary

Here I am - in action - at the Emerson-Williams School in Wethersfield, CT.     It looks like I'm breaking into song here, doesn't it?  Wink the ninjaaaaaaaaa.  Nope.  No song.  We were playing a little game called Eagle Eye where the students tell me the difference between an earlier version of an illustration and the newer version.  Some of the changes are pretty big and obvious, others more subtle.  The kids love this, though.  And it's a great way for me to include a lot of them in the presentation.

Then I went off to do some ninja collages with the fourth graders.

I love making collages with older grades because they really bring a lot of their skills and imagination to this project.  Look at that ninja flying through the air! It's so friggin' active.  I love it!  And there's even a vampire ninja.  How great is that?!

I originally had a 2-hour chunk of time in the middle of the day for my lunch break.  What am I going to do with that, right?  So I suggested a little mini-session with the 6th graders.  I taught them how to draw the characters and they made bookmarks.

Again, since these are 6th-graders, I only have to run through a few basics on how to draw the characters and then they go to town.

(Above.)  We have Wink the ninja sleeping on top of the Summer Moon school.  Which is really great and I wish I had thought of that for the cover of the book. 

There's a way-cool ninja-devil on the right.

Then ( center) there's a panda.  Lots of girls were drawing cute, saucer-eyed pandas.  It was kinda interesting because there was a much bigger gap in gender drawing in the older kids.  If they were younger, I think there would have been a lot more standard ninjas because I was drawing ninjas.  But because they are older, they have a better grasp on their own likes and dislikes.  The boys drew more action-oriented ninjas with weapons and the girls drew pandas, grandmother, and even...

... Unicorns!

But this one crosses over a bit because it's ninja v. unicorn.  Poor Grandmother is just confused.

I love it!

I had a long, but FABULOUS, day at Emerson-Williams.  (man, I was wiped out when I got home.) Thanks so much to the principal, the teachers, and Mrs. Lavoie (my parent liason,) for allowing me into your school and treating me with such wonderful hospitality!  I had a great time!

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