Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Magoo's LEGO World

Over Spring break my friend Heather and I went to IKEA.  Ah, IKEA.  It' easy to loose a wad of money in that place.  But it wasn't too tempting for me this time because a very large part of the marketplace was closed off for renovations.  So I didn't buy frames, papers, fabric, or knick-knacks.  What I did buy was a new LEGO organization system for Magoo!  We'd been storing all his LEGOs in closed top plastic bins and stacking them.  But most of the time the bins were scattered all over the floor and the lids went missing anyway.  (Somewhere there's a posse of escaped bin lids heading West.)  Mike had mentioned needing a better system, so when I came across these babies, I swooped.

Of course, adding furniture to Magoo's room meant rearranging it, which meant cleaning it - which took two days.  I should have taken pictures of what it looked like under his bed.  Omigosh.  War zone.

But things are tidied up now.  He can pull the bins out if he wants - or just use them like drawers.  And I wisely stuck the whole system in the back corner of his room, so when I check on him at night, I don't have to tip-toe through a LEGO mine field.

Magoo LOVES Legos.   I think I've mentioned it before.  And one of the things that he's really into now is making his own little robots.  They are really cute, usually have moving parts, and Mike and I are always impressed with the creative use of pieces.  Here are a few favorites:

1. Spiderbot.

 2. Moaning Castle.
I love how Magoo used horse skeletons for arms.  Also, I should add, these are my names, Magoo does not call it a Moaning Castle.  But come on - it's totally a moaning castle!

3. Scuba Man and Mr. Uptown.
I think the little guy looks like he's ready for some deep sea diving, while the bot in the top hat looks like Tom Servo's (from MST3K) dandy brother.

LEGOs are pretty cool. 

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Angela said...

The Lego minefield-nothing helps me let loose a stream of curses faster.
Love the organization system. I am getting cool robots for Elijah's birthday.