Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simsbury Happenings

It's Spring and 'tis the season for school visits.

You know I LOVE school visits.  It's so much fun to go in and talk to young, excited kids who think I'm sooo cool.  They do!  They'll grow out of it, but right then and there they think I'm awesome.

Last Friday, I had the very great pleasure of visiting the first graders at Central School in Simsbury.  It was a half-day visit, and therefore, very zippy.  I did a zippy mini-powerpoint presentation of how I made the first Wink book.  Then I zipped over to one classroom, taught the kiddos how to make ninja collages, then zipped to another, then zipped to the third room.  Zip, zip, zip.


I was feeling pretty good until I got to the third classroom.  Then all the energy started slipping out  my ears.  I was running on fumes. 

I made it through.  But it was a work-out, for sure!  The old, gray mare, she ain't what she used to be!

Thanks so much to all the wonderful first grade teachers for allowing me into your classrooms, to the students who made fantastic ninjas, and to Susan Elben, the school's media specialist who put the whole visit together!  You guys rock!

In other news:

I got my teeny, tiny art show up at the Simsbury Library.

That's it.  Seven pieces on a white wall.  I had hoped to get the space opposite this big picture window, so people coming into the library would be able to see them.  They might have thought, Hmmm, those look interesting.  Let me go and admire them up close.

But no.  Someone else got that wall.  D'oh! 

But seriously, I'm actually very happy to have a place to show some new art and an event that pushed me to do it.  (Thanks Simsbury Library!)  It's easy for me to get busy with picture books and mom-stuff and sometimes painting takes a back seat.  But I have to say that I've enjoyed my little abstract workshop and I'm feeling better and better about some of these paintings  (Ladder, the red one in the middle is my favorite.)  so I think I'll be looking to go bigger soon.

It's going to be a busy couple of days, so HAPPY EASTER to those who celebrate it!


Abstract Wall Art said...

How fun! I love your artwork and I'm sure the kids at this school do too.

Julie_c said...

Thanks! It's actually a library, but it's near the children's department, so hopefully they will be interested in the paintings if they see them.

laura gaffke said...

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for pictures of the library and I LOVE IT! It looks great on the walls! I will be putting up a few of my pieces in October but I have never been to the gallery (I live in Groton, CT). They said that I had the smaller gallery and I am wondering if this is the same space? At any rate, it looks great! Cheery Smiles your way...Laura