Monday, April 30, 2012

U of Hartford Community Day

Saturday was the University of Hartford's Community Day.  We've gone a few times and it's usually a very nice event.  They have games and booths and food.  Bouncy houses.  And....the best of all... free bike helmets!  If you get there when it opens and head over to the bike rodeo (in which zero bikes are rodeo-ing) your child can get fitted for a lovely bike helmet.  This is the main attraction for me - b/c that's how frugal I am!

(Above) After scoring some sweet helmets (Mo is still wearing his.)  The boys hit the traveling arcade.  Have you seen these things?  It's basically a trailer CRAMMED with arcade games.  It is NOT for those with claustrophobia.  The boys played a few games each then we hit the police car and the fire truck.  (Below.)

A couple very nice firemen took the boys through the truck even though Magoo and Mo were nearly breaking everything in sight.  Seriously.  Magoo was putting his feet on the brake and gas pedals.   Don't touch the pedals!  Mo knocked one of those little spikey things off the tire.  They were crazy!

Then we went over to visit with the police horse.

Here's Magoo with his Grammy petting the horse.  It was a lovely horse.  I moved over to get a nice shot of them.  Magoo got in nice and close to the horse - big smile on his face - and then...

...the horse stepped on his foot.


Well that did it for Magoo.  No snacks or games could clear the dark cloud from over his head.  He wanted to leave and tend to his foot.  (Which was fine, but I'm sure it did smart a bunch.)

But, hey - at least we got a free helmet.


musing manatee said...

Ouch! Poor boy. Aki got the biggest splinter stuck way deep into his foot at his auntie's house yesterday. I could not believe the size of it when I pulled it out!

Angela said...

Oh dag I wish I had known about this (not that we could have gone). I could always use free helmets (mental note for next year).
I can only imagine Heather as the boys were breaking their way through that fire truck. Bwahh ha ha!

Julie_c said...

Yikes - Shirl! That sounds like a doosey of a splinter! I hope Aki is OK.

Yanno, Ang, Heather wasn't there. But yeah, she would have been so proud of the firetruck maniacs.