Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Viking Renovations

While I was in New York, I was chatting with the good folks in the art department and they thought it might be kinda fun if I made my own collage Viking logo to put on the bottom of the title page.  (I guess this has been done before, although I can't recall ever seeing it.)  I LOVED the idea - so that's what I worked on yesterday.

The black and white ink drawing is the standard logo for Viking.  Mine is the color one on the right.

I have fewer Viking on my ship.  I guess my Vikings are tougher so they needed fewer guys.  (wink)  In reality, even though I made it about 6" wide, it's still difficult to cut little men out.  But they do have their little shields and little spears, so they are all ready to plunder little villages, er, I mean fill little minds with literary goodness.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

There's no guarantee that they'll use it.  They'll have to pop it on the page and see how it looks.   But I hope it looks good because I love fun little details like that!


musing manatee said...

Cool! I hope they use it, you did a wonderful job.

Angela said...

Love your own Viking badge! How exciting! I see the spears and sheilds-awesome sauce!