Monday, May 7, 2012

Angry Bird Catapult

Here's the catapult! (For the Angry Birds game for the school fair.)

I was able to scrounge enough stuff around the house and didn't need to buy a single thing!
I used an old wood box for the base.  Two of Magoo's building blocks for the sides.  A bamboo skewer for the axis.  A wooden spoon for the launcher (and a wooden block, b/c the spoon was tooo thin to drill a hole through.)  I clipped some hanger wire for the brace at the top and two rubber bands.  (Various screws and hooks were used as well - all found in the basement.)  And viola'!  A catapult!

(I should add that it helps to have an electric drill and a Dremel tool.)

We played tested it all weekend and it held up nicely.

This should be much easier for the youngsters to use.

Here's Magoo in action.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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