Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beach Day

On Sunday we went down to Niantic for our first beach day of the season.  Magoo is a water baby - no doubt.  He loves being at the beach.  He was all geared up to go into the water, but we explained that the water would still be pretty cold at this time of the year.  He still went in, but he didn't stay in long.  Most of the time was spent digging holes in the sand.

Of course I took a ton of pictures.  I haven't progressed in my digital photography book beyond composition, so I was really just looking to make good shots in the autofocus mode.

The one above is my favorite.  I like the two lines of horizontal darkness: one from the seaweed and one from the shadow of the wave.

(Below)  Here's my nifty new gadget for the summer: the Sport-Brella!  Neither Mike or I like to bake in the sun.  Last year, at the pool, Mike would cover himself in towels to keep from burning.  I thought maybe we could get some sort of sun tent this year.

A lot of the ones I looked at said that they were easy to put up, but they all had removable bars and whatnot.  I don't want to spend the first 10 minutes putting up a tent while everyone else is onto the fun.

The Sport-Brella is basically an umbrella with two flaps.  You just pop it up like an umbrella, unhook the flaps, and spike them into the sand.  Three minutes - tops.  I've only used it once but I LOVE IT!  (Sport-Brella is not paying me any money and if it turns out to be crappy, believe me, I will tell you about it.)

Here are a couple other beach shots:

This beach is called The Hole in the Wall.  Some people are in the frigid water, but most didn't venture in beyond their knees.  I didn't venture in beyond my toes.

I just liked how these three sun-soakers were all lined up.

You can see all three faces and their knees are all bent at the exact same angle.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Angela said...

That pic of Magoo is awesome! We have a sun tent. I think we might need to get another as the kids get bigger. Those things are life-savers.