Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Covers at Central School

I'm having three days of fun at Central School this week.  I'm a visiting artist working with the 6th graders, creating book covers.

I have to head out the door in just a minute, so this will be text-light.  But I wanted to show you some of the cool covers the kids worked on.

I talked to them about how to bring character and setting into the covers.  How to create a certain tone.  And composition.

Now some of the kids chose to make covers for sketchbooks, so character and setting didn't really factor in.  But they still had to work on a design and compose it.

There weren't enough O's in the scrabble tiles, so this kid used pom-pom's.  Points for creativity.

Magoo said he'd like to read Weird Stories.  So I'd say this cover did it's job.

This cover is for a book of poetry.  Isn't it perfect for poetry?!

Love the one in The Dark Side.

 This one's so sweet I can barely stand it!!!  (Seriously, I think I might need to write a giraffe story.)

But this one ... this one is truly awesome.  It has tone.  It has character.  I love the blood dripping.  I love the green hand contrasting the red.  Love, love, love it!!!

Off to make more covers.
Happy Thurdays!

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Angela said...

That is a lot of fun. I have been wanting to make some of my own books. Love the covers. Seems Magoo and Helena both have a penchant from grim reaper type characters.