Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boring Post

I have to confess, I'm not in a blogging mood today.  It's a little rainy, a little dank, and I just watched the movie Dear John over lunch and it kind of bummed me out.

But, since I'm working on a painting today and it needs time to dry before I can proceed, I decided that I'd upload a couple pics from the weekend.

This is the reservoir on Mother's Day.  We were going to see The Avengers, but can you imagine sitting in a movie theater on a day like this?!??!  No, me neither.  So I asked for a family bike ride.  And because it was Mother's Day and I get whatever I want on Mother's Day, I got one.

I believe Magoo snapped this pic.

 Here's a pic courtesy of PhotoBooth on the Mac.  Magoo and I were into it.  Java ... not so much.

What else have I been up too.  Hmmm?

-got a pedicure.
-got a massage.
-ate too much chocolate.  So I ...
-did pilates.
-finished the first draft (with sketches) of a graphic novel I'm developing.
-got a couple books from the library
-worked on a needlepoint project for Magoo's teacher
-started a new sweater, and
-ordered a book on digital photography so I can learn how to use the manual settings.  (That's my summer project.)

OK.  I should probably get back to my painting and then clean a bit. 
Happy Tuesday, Blogosphere!

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