Monday, May 28, 2012

Bottle Rocket

I love a simple pleasure.

We're all used to gadgets and technology as being the latest, greatest thing.  But this Saturday some friends came over and I guess they'd been making bottle rockets earlier that day so Mike got out a bottle, a cork, his bike tire pump, and a thin air pump needle, and they spent a good 45 minutes shooting rockets into the air. 

I didn't make one myself, but here's what i think you do.
A.) Fill the bottle 1/3 with water.  (You can play with variations as you go on, but this is a good starting point.)
B.) Put a tight cork in it.
C.) Insert the thin air pump needle.
D.) Prop it in a bucket or on a chair or something that will guide the bottle rocket in the safest direction.
E.) Pump it!

Man - that think went FLYIN'!

Magoo thought it would be fun to send his LEGO mini-figures on a trip.  (Below)  He has Woody (from Toy Story) and I think Han Solo rubber banded on for a fun ride.

Our friends K and J tried putting the mini figures into the rocket. 

Then BLAST OFF!  Hold on tight, Woody!

Magoo's been having such a blast with this that he showed his gramma the following day and I'm sure he'll show Curly and Mo later this afternoon.

Hope you're all having a great Memorial Day!


musing manatee said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And your little boy is suddenly looking tall and lean!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shirl - I know, right? I went to wake him up in the morning and his legs were so long, all bent and tucked up in a ball. He's getting pretty big!