Friday, May 18, 2012

Dandy at Duffy

I love visiting Duffy School!  This is my second (or third) time. ( I can't remember.)  The library space is just gorgeous.  You can see a little bit of it above.  It's a big, open space.  High ceilings.  Big windows.  And there are lovely sculptures all around.  It was a bright, sunny day after two dreary ones - so that helped too.  But it's just a real "positive vibe" kind of space.  And, the library staff rocks - so that's a bonus too!

I actually had my first full technical failure yesterday.  You see, I bring my Powerpoint presentation on a stick drive.  The day before any author visit, I test my stick drive in my home computer and make sure the presentation is there and fine.  And it was.  I checked it.  I'm a very good Girl Scout.

But when I got to Duffy school (early, thank goodness) the darn thing wouldn't read.  They couldn't even get the computers to acknowledge it.  Did the media specialists freak out?  No.  They were cool and calm.  Did I freak out?  Only a little bit.  Inside. 

But, being the good Girl Scout that I am - I had a back-up.  It wasn't the same presentation: the one that went with the first Wink book.  But I had a second stick drive with a presentation for the second Wink book and that was was working just fine.  Phew - crisis averted!

After the presentation, we proceeded to the dreaming ninja collage project which is always so fun, because the kiddos can draw any dream they want.  I'm always super interested in what they come up with.

This ninja dreams on Wink books.

This ninja dreams of talking to Master Zutsu in outer space.

This ninja dreams of bathing in money.

And this ninja is dreaming of meditating on a cloud.

I want to have that dream!  I bet I'd sleep like a baby!

Much thanks to all the wonderful students and the fabulous library staff at Duffy Elementary School!  It's always a great pleasure to visit you!

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Angela said...

So glad it all worked out-nothing like being prepared.