Monday, May 21, 2012

Photography Class: Autofocus

I'm going to take a long story and condense it.  Here goes.

I wanted to buy a new camera.  I did some research.  I realized that I already had a better camera than anything I could afford to buy.  So, instead, I bought a book. 

My goal, this summer, is to read the book - Complete Digital Photography, Sixth Edition by Ben Long - and practice all the steps.  And, eventually, learn how to use my camera's manual features.

And if I blog about it, then I might actually do it.  So here starts the beginning of my education in photography.

The first exercise was simply to take some photos with the camera's autofocus feature.

I wanted to plant some cilantro, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I gathered up my camera, my son, and my son's camera, and we went over to the Gledhill Nursery in West Hartford to take a few snapshots and buy some herbs.

I could bore you with a ton of my photos, but instead I think I'll take a page from America's Next Top Model, and simply show you what I feel is my best shot.

I haven't retouched this at all.  I haven't bumped the contrast or anything.  This is exactly the way the camera captured the windmill and the reflection.

And now here are a couple of Magoo's best shots. 

I love the range of colors he caught in the leaves, from the super lightness of the front leaf - which, to me, is the focal point of the photograph - to the black recessions above and below it.

I also love the way he caught the wood beams on this bridge.  He balanced the space very well.  There's a calm repetition in the wood, but by photographing them at an angle, the diagonals make it more dynamic.

I have a lot of fun taking pictures.  Sometimes you hear people say, Put down the camera and live in the moment.  But honestly, it's the moments of taking the pictures that I like to live in.  But I'm finding that I also really love seeing how Magoo approaches photography.  He sees things differently.  Different things attract him.  And, quite frankly, it's just fun to go out and do something together.


Angela said...

That is a great photo. I love going to Gledhill. What kind of camera are you using if you don't mind my asking. I am never one for adjusting if I don't have to so I rarely do. I strive to get it right the first time. That being said it can be fun to add effects later.
Magoo has some great shots and I love that you all go out together!

Julie_c said...

I inherited a SONY DSC-H2.

Angela said...

Niiicee. I am a camera nerd and love looking at equipment. That is so awesome you are out and shooting!