Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Space-Age Ant Farm

Magoo got a super funky space-age gel ant farm for his birthday in December.  We thought we might collect our own ants in the Spring, but by the time Spring came around we thought, "What the heck, let's just order some flippin' ants."

Last Wednesday, the ants arrived.

They came in a test tube - all alive but one.  I poured them in and Magoo put the roof on their new home.  I bet it seemed awesome - all that space! 

Then the ants got a real treat - the ant farm lights up.  It's like Ant Saturday Night Fever in there.

These ants are saying:

Ant 1:  Hey Baby, you wanna party?
Ant 2:  Sure do, but first I have to make a tunnel.
Ant 3:  This sure is some funky dirt.
Ant 1:  But it's totally groovy, baby!

It's really fun to wake up and see what the ants have been up to.  And I can tell you something I have learned - they totally sleep.  I have to wake them up in the morning the same as I wake Magoo.  They're all hanging out and clustered up.  I turn on the lights and they're like, ""What!  Huh!  What's going on?  Oh yeah - time to tunnel."

(Below)  A week later.  They have been busy!  They seem to like to hug the edges of the ant farm.  Maybe they were looking for a way out.  They tunneled down each side and along the bottom.  They they are starting to work through the middle.  And all the little pellets on the top are the things they have brought up.  They have even started tunneling through that too.

The directions said to open the lid once a week to give them some fresh air.  I do it every couple of days.  They seem sluggish otherwise.  But man - when I do open the lid - they go nuts!   They all rush to the top.  I have to blow on them to keep them contained - which is why this is outside.  I take them out to give them air in case any escape.  Either they are well aware that the way out is up, or they think I have awesome breath.

Here's a close up.

No ant have dies yet.  They all seem to be doing really well in their super groovy space-age ant farm.  And Magoo certainly has enjoyed checking them out.  Thanks Uncle Steve and Aunt Kristie for the cool gift!

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Angela said...

Whoa what is in that stuff?! :) Star Trek ant farm . . . .
Be extra careful when you give them air, when we had ants like that, they nearly bit off Greg's finger.