Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along: Whisper Cardigan

I finally finished it!  My Whisper Cardigan!

I started this sweater two months ago, and although I was working with US 7 needles (which is a good medium sized needle for those of you out of the knitting loop) the yarn was lace weight.  OH - it took forever.

I hadn't even bothered jumping in on the weekly Yarn Along because how boring would it be to, week after week, come on and show mere inches of progress?  Pretty darn boring!

But it's finished now - and I love it.

The Ravelry page is here.
I used a Hannah Fettig Pattern, Whisper Cardigan.  And the yarn is Tosh Lace in color: Nebula.

I'm reading Chime by Franny Billingsley, which took me awhile to dig into, but I stuck with it and it's paying off in spades.  It's a Young Adult book.  Early 120th century.  English swamp country.  Witches and swamp creatures and hangings and all that.  If that sounds like your kind of thing, go forth to the bookstore!  However, if you cringed at witches - stay away!  It's very witchy.

Magoo and I are reading The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies.  This is a great read for third/fourth graders.  It's about a brother and sister who've made a angry bet about who can make the most money at a lemonade stand.  They even work math and business theory into it!  We're both really enjoying it.

Happy Wednesday!

(Joining Ginny's Yarn Along.)


Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I hesitate whenever a sweater calls for such fine yarn. It looks gorgeous on you.

Julie_c said...

Thanks Heather. It was daunting, but the good news is when you use lace weight, you only need one skein!

musing manatee said...

One skein? Wow. Congrats, it looks great and looks like it feels great, too!

Nadja said...

I'm rather afraid of lace-weight and fingering yarns, but the result is so beautiful!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shirl. Yeah - one skein is easy on the pocketbook.
Nadja - I completely understand. I think I jumped into this project b/f I really realized I'd be using lace weight. But not that I've done it - I really like it.

Angela said...

You look wonderful in it! What a beautiful knit-simply gorgeous. Go Julie!
That lemonade book sounds cool so I will put that on my ever-growing list.

Greer said...

It's just beautiful. Well done!