Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art, Limbo, and Birds - Oh My!

Yesterday was a kind of crazy-busy day for this ol' mom.  It started off with Caribbean Day at Magoo's school.  I was asked to run a craft for the third graders.

Choosing a craft can be tricky, yanno.  It has to be complicated enough to take up about 30 minutes, but easy enough for third graders to do without a lot of help.  Also, it can't have a ton of supplies or be too messy.  And it had to be on theme.

I googled some crafts, but nothing sang to me.  Then I started looking at pictures of the Caribbean and some local handicrafts and I came up with the idea to make wax resist drawings.

(Above.)  Those are some samples.  I think they look fantastic!

If you want to do it at home, here's what you'll need:
board.  (I used mat board.)
black india ink mixed with water (about a 1:1 ratio)
paper towels

Step one.  Draw design in pencil.  (Do you see the little white paper in the corner of the photo with the three designs on it.  I drew simple line drawings for the kids to copy.  Some wanted to do their own thing and I absolutely encourage that.  But others like having something mapped out for them.  I did advise the children to use their space well.  So if they did a lizard and had a lot of space left over, maybe they could add grass or a patterned border.

Step Two:  Crayon.  The key is to press really hard.  You need a some layer of wax there for the ink to repel.  Otherwise the ink will cover the crayon work.

Step Three:  Ink.  (Below)  Here's my ink station.  I used a low cardboard box lined with paper towels.  I placed the board in the box, then painted the ink over top.  Magoo did a good job with his crayon work, so the ink had no problem resisting it.

Done!  (Below)  Here's Magoo's finished product.

While I was doing that art project with class after class, Magoo was outside wow-ing everyone with his limber limbo moves.

photo courtesy of Adrian Brown

He made it under this thing!!!  Can you believe it!  He was the Limbo King of the entire third grade.  All Hail the Limbo King!

That was crazy fun.  When it was all over I got to go home and chill for a little while before picking Magoo up from school.  Then, in the evening, we went back to school because it was the SCHOOL FAIR!!!

Here's a single shot from the Angry Birds booth.

I was working it solo so I couldn't take a lot of pictures.  If you want a better look at the catapult, go here.

The kids seems to really like it and it was just the right amount of difficulty.  All the kids were able to operate the catapult.  They had four birds.  Some kids knocked all three pigs down in two birds.  Some didn't knock any over.  I think they all enjoyed it though.  And I only got beaned in the forehead once.

So that was my super busy mom day.  Now I am onto cleaning out the basement for our tag sale on Saturday.  I already uncovered a romance novel that I wrote in my 20's in a closet.  What will I find today?  Hmmmmmm.....

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Angela said...

What an awesome craft. Good on you for all of that volunteering.