Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Covers Continued

On Thursday and Friday I continued my artist-in-residence gig at Central School in Simsbury, CT.  (Above)  Here I am showing a slide for the Hungry Caterpillar as an example of a cover that is character based.  I also wanted to show how Mr. Carle used a very simple white background to contrast all the energy and detail that was in the caterpillar, and how the text is off center in the composition.  I wanted to show the kids all the different options and creative choices they could make when creating their covers.

(Above)  Some 6th graders hard at work.

(Below)  A collection of covers that popped.  (I have to say, I took so many photographs of such fabulous covers - the 6th grades really did a wonderful job with this project - but here is just a sampling.)
I really love this one.  He captured the steely tone of a ninja and the placement of the text is PERFECTION!!!
This cover was for a group of short stories that the young author had written, one of which involved an iPod and an alien.  I think he picked the perfect image to go with his title and I love the little alien sticking his head out from the corner.

Ooooh - isn't this creepy?!  This is a fabulous example of tone.  So dangerous and tragic.

This is like a cross between a game show and Judge Judy.  I love the title.  It makes me laugh ever single time!  It reminds me of Eddie Izzard's Cake-or-Death bit.

This young lady did a really nice cover for her sketch pad.  I love that she gave it a theme.  And the execution of that theme is really successful.  The text is clear.  She used two different fonts effectively.  And the illustration is bold and well composed.  Nicely done.

This was maybe the only true cover adaptation that we had.  I loved those two little wild things on the cover.  And I think it was a great idea to add the claw coming down, as if it was the one that scrawled some of the letters.

Here we have more of a cover parody.  I guess this young lady had reworked a story with her friend called The Stuffed Boredom.  I have no idea what it was about, but if I was in a bookstore and saw this cover, I'd want to pick it up and see what's what.

I had a fabulous time at Central School.  A big shout out to the art teacher, Mrs. Kelleher, for letting me come in and work with the kids for three days.  I couldn't ask for a better hostess.  It's not easy to let someone come in and take over your space, but Mrs. Kelleher was so gracious and enthusiastic - it made it a really fun experience for me.  And thanks to all the fabulous 6th graders for sharing their ideas with me.  I think you all knocked this project out of the park!!!

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